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Hard Drive Data Recovery

    There is an abundance of commercial data recovery software, some are quite effective, others unimpressive. The problem is that comercial recovery programs are designed to work on physically safe drives but often fail when the drive encounters an unreadable area. They use the default drive's firmware reading retry number trying to read a bad spot and usually end up sinking the magnetic heads into the platter. Increased noise is one of the signs that the hard drive is coming close to a crash.

 At 7000 rpm mechanical failure can irreversible damage your drive 
  in as lilte as 5-10 seconds. 

 If your drive is clicking, stopped spinning, is undetected by BIOS, if you value your data, stop experimenting, power off and call a professional. Our mission is to recover data .

 Our current procedures include replacing failed components and decontamination of disk platters in clean room environment. In some cases, the recovery process involves a tedious reconstruction process, especially when parts of the drive can not be read, or the drive‚Äôs system area is damaged.

  Our engineers use the safest methods, proprietary techniques, equipment and software available to produce a sector by sector image of the hard disk. For safety reasons no recovery software is run directly against your drive. We then use the appropriate recovery software to salvage your data.

    X Files Recovery engineers can successfully perform data  recovery from most type of drives, with any operating system / filesystem, for home or entreprise users.
Operating Systems Data Types
 WINDOWS -   Office Documents
   [ NTFS , FAT ]
.doc(x), .xls(x), ppt(x), .pdf T
  LINUX -   Databases
 [ EXT 2, 3, 4, XFS, REISER ]   SQL, mySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Foxpro, FileMaker, Access,
  Apple -   Financial Data
[ HFS, HFS+ ] QuickBooks, Peachtree, Act, TTax , MsMoney
   Sun -   Media Files
[ UFS ] pictures, music movies
   Novell -    [ NFS, NSS ]    Email - Ms Outlook, Mozilla Ffox
Tips to prevent Data Loss

  • When moving computers power down and wait a few seconds for the drives to stop spinning.
  • Use ventilation, fans / air conditioning to keep computers at the proper operating temperature.
  • Establish a rotational backup procedure and test your backups, especially databases.
  • Do not restore data on the original drives where data was lost.

X Files Recovery Offers
  • High Recovery Success Rate
  • Competitive Prices
  • 24 hour diagnose/evaluation
  • Project turnaround of 3-5 business days
  • The best engineers and tech professionals working for you
  • See Recoverd Data Before Paying
Service Options
  • Standard Data Recovery
  • (3-5 business days)
  • Emergency Data Recovery
  • (48-72 hours)

Data Recovery Services
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